ROC Eindhoven

  • Individual coaching
  • Training: professional communication, team roles, giving and receiving feedback, presentation skills
  • Team coaching
  • Process consultancy, giving feedback, competence management
  • Group peer reviews

ROC Hilversum

  • Individual coaching teachers

ROC Aventus Apeldoorn

  • Individual coaching of teachers
  • Supervision of Challenge Day of first and second year students

Eemland College Amersfoort

  • Individual coaching of department managers

Veluws College Apeldoorn

  • Individual coaching of department managers

Edison College Apeldoorn

  • Team coaching of department managers

PCBO de Kring Apeldoorn

  • Training of a parent group

Fontys College of Higher Education

  • Group peer reviews of master students SEN studies

Hogeschool Arnhem and Nijmegen College of Higher Education

  • Individual and peer reviews of Higher Vocational Education students of Creative Therapy and Social Work


  • Individual coaching of managers, team leaders and project managers
  • Coaching personal effectiveness and stress prevention in case of burnout
  • Feedback training
  • Process consultancy


  • Individual coaching of directors, managers, team leaders, employees, project managers engineers, process managers and process consultants in various departments
  • Team coaching of several management teams
  • Coaching of a women’s network
  • Lecture ‘Spirituality versus Ratio
  • Peer reviews
  • Leadership development
  • Reintegration courses
  • Burnout counseling
  • Stress prevention counseling

NZA: Dutch Health Authority

  • Individual coaching of managers

Police North East Gelderland

  • Individual coaching and supervision courses of managers and employees
  • Negotiation training
  • Team coaching

Stichting Mitros, housing association Nieuwegein
housing association Deventer

  • Individual coaching of employees

UWV Arnhem
UWV Nijmegen

  • Individual reintegration courses

Municipality Epe

  • Individual coaching

Municipality Deventer

  • Individual coaching
  • Training employees council

Zin in Werk Vught

  • Organizing the retreat Zorg om Zin, about giving meaning to illness, together with Lenette Schuijt, director of Crystal River Consultancy;

NL-IPV Dutch Institute for Public safety

  • Individual coaching of its director

Kenteq Knowledge and Advice Center for technical craftsmanship

  • Individual coaching of education consultants
  • Team coaching of several teams
  • Group peer reviews in a women’s group


  • Training in the field of career orientation and employability of R.O.I employees and national government employees

Schippersinternaat Nijmegen

  • Outdoor teambuilding training

Stavoor B.V.

  • Group peer reviews of council trainers

Pluryn for disabled people and people with complex care needs

  • Individual supervision

Various SME companies

  • Coaching of founders/owners and their employees

Ministry of Finance

  • Individual supervision

Via Reva

  • Individual coaching of employees

De Meeuw Foundation

  • Individual coaching of employees
  • Employees council training
  • Team coaching
  • Dialogue sessions

DLG Rural Area Service

  • Individual coaching
  • Employees council training
  • Team coaching

Horex Business Ventures BV

  • Individueal coaching

LAKS Dutch National Action Committee Students

  • Trainings student councils of Lower Vocational Education
  • Career coaching of coördinator and employees
  • Individual coaching of employees


  • Individual coaching of managers

Strukton Rail

  • Individual coaching of the manager

KeyOn Planning BV

  • Individual coaching