We think coaching is a means of ‘reflective’ supervision. One of the most essential conditions leading to people’s desired development is the start of individual learning processes and those of teams and organizations.

This way of coaching focuses on the visible (environment, skills and behaviour) as well as on the invisible (views, identity and meaning) in both individuals and organizations.

Increasing responsibility and the ability to direct oneself is important for the development of the coachee’s competences. Self-direction equals independent thinking and actively taking action, bearing both your own goals in mind as well as those of your organization. In this way, coaching stimulates personal entrepreneurship.

Our manner of coaching focuses on education. We believe in the development of ‘learning organizations’ in which people can be held responsible for their results and actions. “Do you do what needs to be done and do you do it well?” This is the most important question employees should be able to ask themselves.

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