Retreat Caring for Meaning

Retreat Caring for Meaning

A three day programme on giving meaning to illness

People who have been diagnosed with a degenerative illness are confronted with a major reorientation on their whole existence. Their illness has a profound influence on their lives. In many cases, the course of the illness is unpredictable. Many questions arise, about the course of the illness, the preparation for the gradual limitation of your possibilities and dealing with pain. Questions about meaning will also arise. Who am I as an ill person? How and what can I contribute with my limited possibilities? What meaning do I assign to my illness? This retreat offers you the possibility to reflect and contemplate.

The starting point is asking yourself how to give your illness a place in your life. The programme offers room for personal reflection and for meeting other participants and exchanging experiences.

What is a retreat?

A retreat is a short or longer period of seclusion that focuses on reflection and contemplation. Retreats play an important part in all great spiritual traditions. When secluded, you take time to reflect on yourself. It is a way of taking care of your soul, just like you can take care of you physical and emotional wellbeing.

A retreat has two sides: the oasis and the desert. The oasis symbolizes time and rest, not having to do anything but refuel. A retreat lets you experience the joy of the little things and life itself.

The desert symbolizes letting go of your familiar activities and rediscovering yourself in silence. You can be confronted with questions that subconsciously occupy your mind or with experiences you did not pause to reflect upon.
A retreat offers an excellent possibility to confront and heal these sides of yourself.

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