Working systemically

Working systemically

You are born as an individual and after birth, you are part of a system: your family. Within this system, you will be assigned one or more roles, depending on the available positions: an only child, the eldest, the middle child, the youngest son or a daughter. You learn to play your part and you develop a number of important talents that serve as a basis for further development.

After this initial system, you will occupy a certain position in every system you encounter or choose to be in. You will also be assigned roles pertaining to these new systems. These come with conscious and unconscious expectations and demands. Within these systems, you will develop the talents needed to play these roles well.

In addition to roles and positions, there are numerous important themes in a system, such as faith, death, illness, sexuality, criminality, war and culture. They are characteristic of the system and influence everything and everybody within it.

During our coaching, we will try and find the themes in your system that influence your life. In this way, you will become conscious of latent talents you want to develop and that ensure more balance in your life. This is the starting point to (re)discover your strength and you will start making yourself known to the outside world.

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