Karin Rijsdijk

Karin Rijsdijk

In the past fourteen years, I have been managing director of Karin Rijsdijk Coaching, Advice and Training. I have developed my company into a Centre for Authentic Leadership and I have enthusiastically worked with individuals, teams and organizations, developing their (personal) authentic leadership.

I was born in 1961 and I have a son and a daughter. Also, I am very close to my partner’s two sons. My personal growth and development have been my most important source of inspiration, in addition to my professional development as a supervisor, coach and trainer. This is the foundation of my systemic way of working.

Out of passion for my profession and life, I have balanced my heart and head. Because of this, I have developed a spiritual and very earthly and pragmatic way of working. Because of this, I am able to work at all levels: mental, physical, energetic and spiritual. I combine my professional skill with the ability to sense and know.

My prevailing values in life and work are love, connection, righteousness and freedom. My strengths are my unconditional love for people, my wisdom (of life) and my knowledge of interpersonal and systemic processes, sensing and knowing.

Through working together, I touch people’s souls and systems, placing their development in the right perspective and generating energy and movement that benefit both individual and corporate development. My interests are karate, riding my motorcycle, cooking, being and working in and with nature and walking our dog.

“Head wind makes you rise to great heights”